Your first visit

  • Your first visit

I enjoy meeting new people.  It is important to know that everyone is unique and have very different needs, so I really need to listen and talk to you.  It is great when you can take a very anxious or fearful patient and give them a calming experience.  I am passionate about meeting or exceeding my patient’s expectations and my goal is to build lifelong relationships with each new patient.  I treat each patient as I would my family and friends.

If you are long overdue for a visit, don’t be afraid to come.  Our belief is that you are coming now, being aware is the first step to a healthy dental future, and this is a very important first step bringing you on the road to your commitment for a healthy beautiful smile.

Call us today to discuss what you would like to accomplish, and together we can decide on the best method for reaching your goals.  

Our first step will be to examine your medical and dental health.  A complete dental exam is performed. During your initial dental examination at our office, our staff will take complete oral X-rays to ensure the healthiness of your gums, teeth, and jaw. X-rays will not be mandatory at all visits, and we will let you know if x-rays are needed more than once a year.

During the check-up, patients get a thorough examination for their teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck. We will inspect every tooth for cavities, plaque, or damage with a small dental pick and a mirror. Looking at your gums will tell us if any gum disease exists or needs care. Your entire head area is examined for other related issues such as TMJ disorder. Once we determine that your teeth and gums are healthy, the rest is up to you.

From whitening and veneers to bonding, crowns, gum re-shaping and a host of other smile solutions, we can give you a smile that will reflect a new, more confident you. 

Please contact us at our office 781-646-4400 for any additional information. We are happy to help you in any way to reach your goals and to answer any questions you have.

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