Gum graft surgery

  • Gum graft surgery

Gum graft can be used for two reasons-to improve the appearance of one’s smile or to protect the teeth from gum recession. The dental process in which the tissue that surrounds the teeth, pulls away from a tooth, exposing more of the tooth is known as gum recession. When impacted by gum recession, you may need a gum graft surgery to protect your dental health.

A) what causes recession:

Gum recession is caused by a number of factors, like heavy tartar buildup, gum disease, brushing aggressively, clenching or grinding your teeth, or genetics.

B) Post-op Care after Gum Grafting

To keep gum graft pain to a minimum and to avoid any unnecessary complications,follow these simple instructions:

  • To reduce bleeding, place gauze on either side of the grafted site, but not on top of it.
  • Avoid physical activities for the first 24 hours after the procedure
  • Keep your tongue away from the grafted site and don't remove the dressing.
  • Stay away from hot foods and drinks for a couple days, and stick to soft foods and liquids for the first week. As you return to a normal diet, be careful when chewing near the site.
  • Don't brush or rinse your mouth the day of the surgery.
  • Be careful when brushing the grafted site for the first 30 days. Use soft bristled toothbrushes and use gentle movements.
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